Schleichera oleosa; Koan; කෝන්

Schleichera oleosa Schleichera oleosa Schleichera oleosa

Kon;Schleichera oleosa is a large shady tree. It has hard timber and is used for beams and Agricultural implements. The seeds of this tree contain as oil which is known as Kon tel. This oil is used as a hair stimulant and a cure for itch on the head. It is used in cooking and also as liniment and hair oil. 

The leaves of the tree are pinnate, with each leaf having 2-4 leaflets and flowers are tiny and hardly noticeable, occurring in short dense yellow clusters. The fruit is a broadly ovoid, ellipsoid to subglobular berry 15 - 25mm.

Medical Usage

  • The bark is astringent and is used against leprotic ruptures, skin inflammations and ulcers, while an infusion is taken against malaria. Hummingbirds will visit the flowers.
  • In traditional medicine, the oil obtained from the seed is applied externally to cure itching, acne and other skin afflictions.
  • Koan oil which is traditionally used for the cure of itch, acne, burns, other skin troubles, rheumatism.
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