Carmona microphylla

Carmona microphylla Carmona microphylla Carmona microphylla

A very small genus of tropical tree which was once referred to (and still often listed as) Carmona. The most widely known Ehretia species is the Fukien tea, a tropical shrub originating in Southern China and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is very popular for bonsai in China, but not a traditional favourite in Japan. It can be grown outdoors in warm climates, but is quite popular as an indoor bonsai.

Ehretia microphylla is a shrub growing to 4 m height, with long, straggling, slender branches. It is deciduous during the dry season. Its leaves are usually 10–50 mm long and 5–30 mm wide, and may vary in size, texture, colour and margin. It has small white flowers 8–10 mm in diameter with a 4–5 lobed corolla, and drupes 4–6 mm in diameter, ripening brownish orange.

The leaves are used medicinally to treat cough, colic, diarrhea and dysentery.

Carmona microphylla Carmona microphylla Carmona microphylla

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