Kirigalpotta : කිරිගල්පොත්ත

Kirigalpotta Kirigalpotta Kirigalpotta

Kirigalpoththa mountain in Sri Lanka – The Second Tallest Mountain on the Island. Reaching upto 2388m (7835 feet) above mean sea level, Kirigalpoththa Mountain in Sri Lanka looms in the district of Nuwara Eliya casting its shadow over the main city.The name Kirigalpoththa literally translates to Milk (Tree) Bark Rock (Kiri – milk, gal – rock and poththa- tree bark), possibly because the mountain has many tall trees with mottled white bark. Reached by a nature trail in the Horton Plains National Park; this mountain is the second tallest of the island paradise Sri Lanka, and the tallest of the mountains in the island whose summits are are open to access to the general public.

Kirigalpoththa mountain in Sri Lanka: Some Things to Know

  • Location : Nuwara Eliya District
  • Nearest Village : Pattipola
  • Nearest Town : Nanuoya
  • Trail to climb Kirigalpoththa is located at : Horton Plains National Park
  • Trail Head : Horton Plains Visitor Centre
  • Trail End : Kirigalpoththa Summit
  • Length of Trail : 5.6 km
  • Elevation Gain : 252m (Elevation at Trail Head: 2139m – Elevation at Trail End: 2392m)
  • Climb Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Climb Time : 3 – 4 hours
  • Weather Conditions : The Nuwara Eliya area is usually cold and rainy in general. But it is more so in the monsoon months. The dryest months comparatively speaking are February to April and July to September. Strong winds and cold weather are almost guaranteed higher up on the trail.
  • Permit Required : Yes. Can be obtained at the entrance of Hortons Plains National Park
  • Things to take on your climb: Water bottle, light sweater, raincoat, bug spray and salt for leeches, first aid equipment such as plaster, disinfectant, and bandages. (Some strong climbing rope may also be advantageous)
  • Clothes to be worn : Thick clothes that will protect your skin from brambles and such and tall skidproof boots to avoid slipping in mud.
  • Other tips: Do not stray from the established trail as the plain is marshy. Do not attempt as a solo climber.
Kirigalpotta Kirigalpotta Kirigalpotta
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