Riverston Peak

Riverston Peak

Riverston Peak in Sri Lanka: Mini Worlds’ End

The Riverston Peak in Sri Lanka can be reached by travelling, about 30km away from the Matale town, down the Matale – Girandurukotte Road. This secretive windy road, with its sharp hairpin turns, offers some of the best views to the surrounding countryside; to the extent that it is called the Mini World’s End. Though it is very popular among locals, the area is comparatively unknown amongst mainstream tourists. Therefore the area offers up the natural beauty of Sri Lanka; fresh, green and unpolluted by vendors, tourists, garbage and unsightly buildings.

With climates very similar to the Hortons Plains, where the World’s End is located, Riverston trek also offers two graceful waterfalls Sera Ella and Bambarakiri Ella. Sera Ella also has some conveniently located rock seats from which a visitor can enjoy the refreshing cold spray of misty droplets. The nearby freshwater river, Thelgamu Oya, can be used for quick cooling dip or even just a refreshing splash before or after a long arduous trek.

The trek is about two and a half kilometres one way, and shouldn’t take more than a healthy hour or two at most. It runs a section known as the Pittawala Paththana and leads to the Riverston Peak. The countryside along the trek has views of the terraced paddy fields, unique to some mountainous regions around the world, and that of the beautiful green Central Highlands.

The Riverston Peak features a sheer 300m drop to stunning misty views of the nearby Knuckles Mountain Range and Thelgamu river valley. The peak, with its peaceful and beautiful surroundings, is also a great place to meditate and relax on your holiday to Sri Lanka. The Riverston trek is a great opportunity for nature lovers and photographers who want a few jaw-dropping clicks.

Riverston Peak Riverston PeakRiverston Peak 

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