Deepana Karma

The diet or medicine or process which stimulates digestion is called ‘deepana’. It is worthy to note the difference between deepana and pachana. Deepana process stimulates digestion at a primary level. Where as pachana process additionally stimulates metabolism too. 

Deepana treatment is given before purification therapies to improve digestion and detach dosha stuck in body channels or to body tissues. Thus, it facilitates free movement of dosha and metabolic toxins for removal during purification therapy. If purification therapies are given without proper assessment of states of dosha, it may cause untoward effects.

Agni (processes of digestion and metabolism) is an important component of health. Qualitative or quantitative impairment of agni is the fundamental cause of all diseases. Deepana treatment intends to maintain equilibrium of agni.

A wide range of food items, medicines have deepana effect. The best form of food to kindle digestion is unctuous food like fats/oils (sneha). The medicines with deepana action have predominance of agni mahabhuta.

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