Akshi Tarpan Karma

Akshi Tarpan Karma is a procedure in which medicated or plain unctuous substances like Ghritaare retained over the eyeball for a prescribed period of time as either a preventive or curative treatment modality. It is aimed at providing nourishment and improving the efficiency of the eyes. This procedure is popularly called as treatment for eye diseases in Ayurveda. It is ideally prescribed after the course of body detox program, drilling (therapeutic purification) and a course of Nasya Karma. 

In this process, the eye is filled with medicinal oil or ghee for a certain period and asked the patients to lie down comfortably. Then using a black gram dough, a circular boundary is formed around the eye socket with a height of one and a half inch, after which a lukewarm medicinal ghee or oil is poured slowly into the eyes, keeping the eyes closed. During this process, we expect the patient to be calm, stable and keep eyes open and close frequently so that the ghee can remain well in contact with the eyes.

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