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Ceylon Tea Tasting in Colombo

Ceylon Tea Tasting in Colombo

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(SKU: LK7C00341F) The Sri Lankan tea Industry has surely come a very long way for almost two centuries now. While once when the tea went on to be a commercial success in the island, Ceylon Tea was soon in the limelight as one of the world’s finest due to its unique taste and variety. Marked as one of the cleanest teas in the world, Ceylon Tea does not contain any artificial flavours or harmful pesticide.

The Ceylon Tea Tasting Experience with Lakpura invites all tea lovers for an interactive and guided experience which will last about one hour. A special briefing is done about the Orthodox Tea Manufacturing process which is the traditional method used in Sri Lanka. The orthodox Method includes withering, pre-conditioning, rolling, green leaf sifting, fermentation, drying, grading, sorting and packing. Our tea taster will explain the entire process along with photos and multimedia while allowing various specialty teas to brew and infuse. Once this is done, guests will learn to identify and also appreciate the unique flavor profiles that give different teas their distinctive qualities.

Sri Lanka is truly blessed with a varied geography while the tea country of Sri Lanka is divided into strictly defined regions which are known for producing teas that boasts of its own character. There are seven districts (regions) while all of these exude unique combinations of terrain as well as climatic conditions that directly influence the tea that is grown. Sample teas from all these seven regions are available for tasting at the Studio.

Tea by Regions

  • particularly flavorsome while it’s always proportional to the elevation in which the tea is grown
Nuwara Eliya
  • This region produces the tea that is probably known as the finest tea in the world due to its unique climate and terrain
  • With a distinctive freshness, the tea in this region is known to produce a fine golden orange hue in the cup
  • The teas in this region are known for their medium body and subtle character to the unusually dry and cold conditions
  • Boasts of a mellow, smooth taste while the leaf is more blackened by withering
  • The low elevation of the region allows the tea plant to grow rapidly and produce a leaf that grows long and turns intensely black on withering
  • Produces a dark yellow-brown tint which is a bit similar to Ruhuna Teas

From the seven tea regions of Sri Lanka, taste seven flavours of Ceylon Tea to come and fall in love with us over and over again. After the tea tasting session with Lakpura you can even purchase some of Ceylon’s finest teas.

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