Dimbula Tea

The Dimbula tea region of Sri Lanka sits between 3500 and 5000 feet above sea level. This area identifies for the quality of its teas in the North-Western season. They exhibit very clean bright & brisk teas, with a good coppery red color. In the Golden Valley area tea shows a hint of a golden – Orange hue in the cup.

The districts contain a number of sub-districts such as the Golden Valley, Maskeliya, upper Kotmale, Ramboda & lower Dickoya. Up to the 1970s, Dimbula & Dickoya were considered two separate districts. Therefore, we consider them to be separate for our purposes. And also, the character of the teas is slightly different from Dickoya generally having a slightly lighter liquor. During the western quality season between March and May, increases the aromatic qualities of tea.

Similarly, a note of jasmine mixed with cypress flavor come from the tea. The monsoon rain and the cold dry weather produce good quality teas full-bodied to light and delicate. this area produces similar tea grades like the Uda Pussellawa Tea area. Unique liquor of the tea produces good quality English Breakfast Tea and Irish Breakfast Tea. In addition, we use broken type tea grades to make nice tea blends to the western market.

Dimbula Tea Dimbula Tea Dimbula Tea
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