Wellawaya ෴ වැල්ලවාය

Wellawaya Wellawaya Wellawaya

Wellawaya (Sinhala: වැල්ලවාය, Tamil: வெல்லவாய,)is a town located in Monaragala District, Uva Province of Sri Lanka.

Wellawaya is a hidden treasure trove of adventure – from chasing magnificent waterfalls, visiting ancient royal palaces to taking a stroll across the village and enjoying an authentic local meal, this town is a one-stop travel destination that can fulfill every explorer’s deepest desires. Painted with the best of scenery, Wellawaya continues to display the best of the natural world extending from Ella, which is a half hour drive away.

In a journey to discover the hidden beauties and undergo unique experiences you can opt from trekking to the top of Diyaluma Falls and having breakfast 628 ft above sea level; or taking a cycle tour through the scenic village to dive into a hidden waterfall with a natural pool; or descend to the remains of a Biso Kotuwa – a queens bath made during 12th century AD; or visit the statues embedded into stone at the Buduruvagala temple. Engage in the myriad of excursions for there is a sweet treat for anyone and everyone here from history enthusiasts, nature lovers to the adventurous souls.

Taking you into a world of luxury amidst this scenic beauty is Jetwing Kaduruketha, a property designed with the inspiration of the locality. The property embodies the traditions of the locality and blends in with the culture and daily life of a traditional farming community.

Wellawaya Wellawaya Wellawaya
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