Serendib Scops Owl

Serendib Scops Owl has a small rufescent scops-owl with a short tail. No noticeable ear tufts. Not so distinct facial disk. Upperparts are almost completely rufous brown with dark markings. Under parts are paler rufous with dark triangular spots. Irides are yellowish in the female and orangish in the male. This newly described owl has so far been located only in the lowland rain forests of the south-west part of the island.

This bird was taxonomically recognized recently in 2004. The call which resembles that of a frog had been heard for many years before, but its confirmation as a bird happened in 2001 when it was seen in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Subsequently, it has now been found to be present in most of the low country wet zone forests with little disturbances.

Its presence is detected from the call which sounds very much like that of a forest frog. During the day it rests in low branches in very dense vegetation. Nothing is known about its breeding.