Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Kovil

Maviddapuram Kanthaswamy Kovil Maviddapuram Kanthaswamy Kovil Maviddapuram Kanthaswamy Kovil

The Maviddapuram Kanthaswamy temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga and has a historical background. According to religious myth, a South Indian Princes named Maruthapuraveegavalli was afflicted with a face similar to that of a horse and was subject to leprosy due to a curse of a Saint. To get rid of the curse and the effects of it she came to Keerimalai and bathed in the holy pond and worshipped Lord Muruga at the Mavaddapuram Kandaswamy temple and she had her face changed into human form. Way back in 1795 idols were brought to this temple from Chithambaram in South India and the consecration or Maha Kumbhabsishekam ceremony took place then. The annual high festivals last for 25 days terminating on the Aadi Amavasai (the new moon day of the Hindu month of Aadi). The five deities are taken around the courtyard on the “Ther” festival day in five different thers (cars). This temple has three portions of courtyards. The ancient Raja Gopuram (main tower) is found erected on the Western entrance to the temple. The significance of this temple is the Kanchi Mango tree. 

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