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Wild Trails Yala Eco Camp by Yoho, Yala

Wild Trails Yala Eco Camp by Yoho, Yala

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(SKU: LK1500415A) Abundant with wildlife, where the majestic Sri Lankan elephant still reigns supreme and the ever elusive leopard, in its graceful elegance, tip toes its way to a hunt or to quench its taste at its favourite water hole.


A visit to Sri Lanka is never complete without a tour to a wildlife sanctuary. Of the many wildlife parks in the country, Yala National Park and its accommodation, situated in the deep south of the island, is a must visit.


Your accommodation in the buffer zone of Yala National Park , in south-eastern Sri Lanka, spells comfort and convenience with a touch of luxury. Each is provided with all the essentials you need during your stay in the jungle. A location that seems a world away from the city, you'll find it amazing to come home to a serene abode that is equipped with an excellent array of amenities.


The menu is not only mouth watering, but wide in variety, serving a delectable range of The familiar western and exotic Sri Lankan dishes prepared by our chef on site. The range Of beverages are varied, fit to cater to the taste of our varying clientele, epitomizing a real Camping experience.

Excursions and Day Tours 

At Wild Trails, we offer you an experience; a camping facility with luxurious accommodation within Yala National Park, unforgettable hospitality.

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