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Tipson Tea Organic Ashwagandha With Blueberry (30g)

Tipson Tea Organic Ashwagandha With Blueberry (30g)

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(SKU: LSZ0910388) Organic chamomile, organic ashwagandha, organic lemongrass, organic rosehip shell, organic orange peel, organic hibiscus and natural flavor blueberry.

♦ AYURVEDA IN A TEA CUP: Enjoy the benefits of ancient Indian medicinal wisdom in a delicious cup of pure ayurvedic tea. Ashwagandha roots target adrenal health to combat stress & its inflammatory effects. We use only the best whole root for our tea.
♦ THE ADAPTOGEN ADVANTAGE: Adaptogens are substances in powerful herbs that are natural stress relievers. Be at your best with this ancient elixir known for its stress reducing properties & enjoy a better night's sleep by calming your adrenal glands.
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