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Sri Lankan Small Womens Purse (Hambiliya) හැඹිලිය - Red

Sri Lankan Small Womens Purse (Hambiliya) හැඹිලිය - Red

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(SKU: LS20000467) This purse is made out of reed and it’s a double layered reed cover. This is traditionally very close to Sri Lankans, as many village grandparents use to use them on the way. These are used to carry coins and money notes and comes in different unique colors.

The Hambiliya (Sinhala: හැඹිලිය) is a small purse for the safe storage of money and other things on a person, in Sri Lanka. It performs the same function as a pocket. The hambiliya is carried on a woman in the folds of her osariya in old times. Its design is often colourful, using dyed leaves and natural colours from clays and other plant material to produce patterns. It is woven from reed or rush but is also made from palm, Screwpine, Eraminiya and indi kola.

Its size can be varied as its hand made. The sizes could be 4 to 6 inches in width and 3.8 to 6 inches length.

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