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Small Miracle (15 Days)

Small Miracle (15 Days)

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(SKU: LK10FBC000) What may strike you most about Sri Lanka is its amazing geographical diversity. Within a tiny area of 65,610 you could get the experience of several continents. A tour in Sri Lanka will take you through brilliant green paddy fields,

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1 Day in Negombo

The golden sandy beaches of the gorgeous Western coast of Sri Lanka welcome you to Negombo A fishing community with a history spanning over centuries and influenced mainly by the Dutch. Your day can be spent enjoying high adrenalin water sports or taking a dive off coast to explore shipwrecks and corals.


Enjoy the sun on the sandy beaches of Negombo on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka. Watch the flourishing fish industry, which is a centuries-old tradition. Ride an adrenaline high with some fun water sports. Enjoy the corals and underwater life while diving. See the 50 year-old ship-wreck just off the coast, where many varieties of fish make their home.

1 Day in Anuradhapura

Heading towards Anuradhapura which is one of the first capitals of Sri Lanka and a World Heritage Site that is famed for its well preserved ruins of an ancient civilization that once thrived, you will witness one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the island. Once the centre for Theravada Buddhism, you will be in awe of the magnificent monuments that still stand tall in all its glory.

Anuradhapura Ancient city

Walk through the ancient ruined city of Anuradhapura, which was the capital for over a millennium until the 10th century AD. View the pagodas, monastic buildings and ponds that are scatter all over the vast area. Visit important landmarks such as Jetavanarama, which was one of the tallest buildings of the ancient world, the Sri Maha Bodhi and the ruins of the huge Abhayagiri Monastery. Gain more knowledge about Sri Lanka’s history as you walk in the footsteps of Kings.

2 Days in Dambulla

While in Dambulla, you will be visiting some of the best ruins and well know historically important sites in the area. You can stopover at the Golden Temple of Dambulla and its historical cave complex with its many drawings and figurines, climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and walk through the spectacular gardens and also pay a visit to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa once a capital and now an important pilgrimage site with rock carvings and buildings. A completely different experience awaits you with a three hour safari ride at the Minneriya National Park where you can witness a gathering of over 100 elephants.

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Enter the historic caves of the Golden Temple of Dambulla, dating back to the 1st century BC. View the ancient murals depicting the life story of Lord Gautama Buddha. Look at the hundreds of figurines of Buddha and other deities scattered throughout the five main caves. Visit the Cave of the Divine King, Cave of the Great King and the Great New Monastery. See the giant golden Buddha Statue just a little distance outside the cave complex.

Climb Sigiriya Rock

Climb the 5th century AD rock fortress, Sigiriya, where the King Kasyapa ruled. Walk through the entrance framed by the paws of a lion that is quite appropriate for its name, ‘ the Lion Rock’. View the beautiful unfading murals that brought Sigiriya its fame. Climb the steep staircase to see the terraced gardens and still-working cisterns.  Walk through the tunnels leading to the palace as you get a feel for times long past.

Ancient city of Polonnaruwa

Visit the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, which was the second major capital of Sri Lanka. Walk through the ruins of the city that flourished between the 10th to the 13th century AD. View important monuments such as Gal Vihara, Vatadage, the lotus bath, Lankathilaka Temple and the statue of King Parakramabahu whose reign was considered the golden age of Polonnaruwa. Get to know more about Sri Lanka’s ancient history.

Minneriya National Park Safari

This three hour safari takes you on a ride through the Minneriya National Park. Enjoy the sight of over 150 elephants congregating in one place during the famous Great Elephant Gathering, which happens in the dry season between May to October. In addition to elephants, get a chance to also see many mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in the scrublands, forests and other areas.

2 Days in Kandy

Heading towards the hill capital of Kandy, the climate changes and you are welcomed to a regal city that still boasts of many wonders. A visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic offers guests a serene atmosphere while the enormous Royal Botanical Gardens are a sight that you should not miss.  You will fall in love the elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and you will be mesmerized by the colourful performances at the Cultural Dance Show.

Temple of the Tooth Relic

Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was built in the 16th century as the place of veneration and protection for Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth. Walk through the beautifully embellished passageways and elaborately painted halls, done in red, cream and black. Lounge against delicately carved pillars and get amazed by the beautiful golden statues. Get an unforgettable experience of history and art.

Royal Botanical Garden

Visit the famous Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya, which were formed in the early 19th century. Walk through the vast area containing over 4000 species of plants. Enjoy the learning more about the orchids, spices and medicinal plants. Wander down avenues shaded by large and rare trees, or bordered by flowering plants. Enjoy seeing the cannonball tree, walking over the wobbly suspension bridge and through the short hedge mazes or even climbing the twisty trees that make wonderful jungle gyms.

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is the home for young Elephants who have been displaced or lost from their natural habitat, located at Pinnawala village in Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is the best place for an up close and personal experience with the world’s largest land mammals! Today with 70 elephants herein, Pinnawela has become the home to the largest captive group of elephants in the world.

Experiance a Cultural Dance Show

The Kandy Cultural Show gives an opportunity to experience some of the traditions of Sri Lanka. Enjoy this hour long extravaganza as some of the most popular art forms of the island take to the stage. Get wowed by fire dancers and sword dancers. Watch the colorful Kandyan dancers take to the air to the thrumming primal beat of the drums.

2 Days in Nuwara Eliya

The central highlands of Sri Lanka are the perfect holiday destination with tea covered hills, raging waterfalls and picturesque surroundings just out of a fairytale. This tour offers you the chance to walk through the streets of Nuwara Eliya and explore the cottages, villas and mansions and also enjoy the views of Lake Gregory and the Queen Victoria Park. Ideal for hikers, a visit to the Horton Plains National Park will allow you to witness grasslands and forest areas with some endemic animals.

Visit the Amazing Highland City

Visit the highland city that was the premium holiday resort town of the British in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Enjoy walking through the streets with their pretty little cottages, quaint villas and beautiful mansions. Make a memory in the old red-bricked post office as you purchase an inexpensive and colorful postcard to take home or send to your friends. Relax at Queen Victoria Park or on the shores of Lake Gregory.

Horton Plains National Park

Visit the beautiful Horton Plains National Park in Ohiya, with its montane grasslands and cloud forests. Enjoy the majestic views from the precipice of World’s End and the cooling sprays from Baker’s Falls. Catch glimpses of the many endemic fauna that make their home in the plains. Get to know more about the archeological finds that were discovered in the area.

2 Days in Yala

While heading towards Yala, we will be stopping over in Ella, home to beautiful landscapes, mountains and cave networks that you can explore. You can finish off the hike at the Demodara Railway Track with its special loop track. The safari at the Yala National Park will give you three hours to enjoy a jeep ride while you might be able to spot the Sri Lankan leopard and other species of mammals, amphibians etc.

Visit the Ella

Explore Ella’s most interesting places. Pass through bright green tea fields, and tough stretches of rock, and get to see the magical views of Little Adam’s Peak. Walk over the history seeped Nine Arches Bridge and listen to the story of its construction. End your hike at the Demodara Railway station with its unique loop-over track design. This tour gives you the chance to see the best sights of Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park Safari

This amazing three hour Safari offers the opportunity to visit Yala National Park, the second largest in the island based off the Southeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Get a chance to see the famous Sri Lankan leopards, indigenous wild water buffalo, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear and large herds of Sri Lankan Elephants. The park is also home to many other species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

3 Days in Hikkaduwa

Head towards the beach side and enjoy the sun and surf that Hikkaduwa has in store for you. You can enjoy the sea and relax on the beach or go for a boat ride to have a look at the Coral Sanctuary. Hikkaduwa is also well known for its beach, water sports and surfing that you can enjoy. The tour will take you to the Southern city of Galle where you can explore the beauty of the Galle Fort and the Ramparts. Nature lovers will be thrilled to go on a boat safari and visit a turtle hatchery.

Visit the Galle

Explore the secrets of Galle where the Portuguese and Dutch made their headquarters. Visit the Galle Fort which is one of the best preserved fortifications in Asia. View the museums of Galle and the lighthouse. Walk through the cobblestoned streets with their Dutch names and listen to your guide tell their stories. Relax with a king coconut or a cup of tea caressed by a breeze of the tropics.

Relax in Beautiful Hikkaduwa Beaches

Relax with coconut palms and sea on the sunny white beaches of Hikkaduwa, a tropical paradise based off Southern Sri Lanka. Enjoy water sports at the second best surfing coast of the island. Watch the colorful coral reefs at the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary. Party with some of the best Daylife in Sri Lanka.

Madu River Boat Safari

Go on a wonderful two hour boat ride down the Madu River with its flourishing ecosystem. Pass through the secretive passages created by the mangroves. See the basking crocodiles and water monitors. Visit one of the small islands with its cinnamon harvesting natives. Enjoy the restorative qualities of the famous fish massage. Observe the waterbirds in their natural habitats.

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Visit the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery on the Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. Learn more about the five endangered sea turtle species that come to the shores of Sri Lanka to nest. Learn how the Kosgoda Turtle Care Program helps protect the nests until they hatch and increases the chances of survival for the babies. Get a chance to see, touch and feed baby turtles; or even injured adult turtles that the Turtle Hatchery cares for.

1 Day in Colombo

The final stop will be the commercial hub of Colombo where you can visit some important locations, shopping malls and boutiques that sell designer wear. The nightlife in Colombo is an experience that you should enjoy while on holiday in Sri Lanka.

Visit & Get Experience in Colombo

Experience the colorful lights and bright life of Colombo, the capital City of Sri Lanka. Visit historic monuments such as the Old Lighthouse, the Old Parliament, Galle Face Hotel, Galle Face Green, Gangarama Temple, the National Museum and more. Enjoy the malls of Independence Square or the Race Course. Visit boutique shops and designer stores. Enjoy the Daylife as you party till the morn.


After the breakfast at the hotel check out and proceed to airport after spending a memorable time in this island.


  • Transport in a Private Vehicle, Fuel, Parking & Highway tolls.
  • Service of English-Speaking Chauffeur Guide.
  • All prevailing taxes and service charges.
  • 2 x 500ml Water Bottles per Person per Day.


  • Hotel Accommodation and Meals.
  • Entrance fees to the respective sites.
  • Chauffeur Guide's Accommodation.
  • Expenses of personal nature.
  • Visa and Related Expenses.
  • Tips & Portages.


  • 1 x 1 Liter water bottle per person per day.
  • 1 x Local SIM card per room.