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SLADC Gajabala (50g)

SLADC Gajabala (50g)

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(SKU: LSZ0074316) Gajabala 50g, a product of Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine and Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation

Ingredients: අරළු, බුළු, නෙල්ලි, කළුදුරු, කිරිබදු අල, එනසල්, කරාබුනැටි, අබිං, කුංකුමප්පු, කංසා, චීන අල ආදී දුර්ලභ ඖෂධ – Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellerica, Nigella Sativa, Opium (Papaver Sommiferum). Dosage: තේ හැඳි 1/2 – 1 දක්වා එළකිරි සමග – 1/2 – 1 Tea spoon with milk.

Benefits: It is an excellent medicine designed to regain degenerated male energy. Especially good for pneumonia and all diabetes. It kills skin diseases. Can also be used by diabetics. The product was certified as per the rules of the Ayurvedic Medicines Code. Specially recommended for paralysis, ailments of the genitourinary system and skin diseases. Restorative and aphrodisiac. Recommended for diabetes patients as well. Produced according to Ayurveda pharmacopeia.

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