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Rectangular Dish

Rectangular Dish

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Rectangular Dish

(SKU: LS21431000) Disposable palm leaf trays by Eco Ceylon Think Green are naturally beautiful dinnerware made from fallen Areca husk. These Areca trays are engineered to be more than durable. With something this beautiful and strong, you will be surprised that our disposable trays are designed not only for one-time use. The natural beauty and strength of these palm leaf plates make them the perfect single-use tableware, suitable for Use as trays which can serve your salads, use and Bites, and appetizes give your home guest a unique food experience that they will remember. Most of the These plates can be used for serving of deviled meat items, and fruit servings, replacing other non-bio degradable tableware which also can give a unique aroma to the food that is served.


Brand Eco Ceylon Seller
Contents Single Dish
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LS21431280 Unknown 25g
LS21431300 Unknown 40g

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