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NHRC Standing Buddha Aukana

NHRC Standing Buddha Aukana

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(SKU: LSB1001956) The construction of Aukana took place in the 5th century, under the rule of King Dhatusena. The Aukana Buddha statue is 39 feet tall and spans 10 feet at the shoulders. It stands over a carved lotus pedestal (Padmasana), and with that, there are around 46 feet of height above ground. The Aukana is magnificent not just because of its enormity but also because of its artistry and technical excellence. Locals say that on rainy days, water drops falling from the Buddha's tip of the nose precisely land between his toes, demonstrating the perfection of the sculptor. Additionally, the robe in particular is interesting. The fine carving shows the Buddha's body's basic shape. The flame known as Siraspatha, which represents absolute enlightenment, emerges from the Buddha's curly hair. The Aukana Buddha statue exhibits the Asisa Mudra, which is a rare gesture that denotes blessing. Only Buddha sculptures that are standing can display the Asisa Mudra. This gesture is typically associated with Budd

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