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Mlesna Caramel Tea (20g) 10 Luxury Tea Bags

Mlesna Caramel Tea (20g) 10 Luxury Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS90006B71) Mlesna Caramel Tea is a high-quality blend from the reputable tea company, Mlesna. This tea combines a robust black tea base with the sweet and indulgent notes of caramel. The result is a flavorful and well-balanced infusion that offers a warm and inviting aroma. The caramel essence enhances the black tea, creating a harmonious combination of bold, malty flavors with a touch of luscious sweetness. Whether enjoyed plain or with milk and sweetener, Mlesna Caramel Tea provides a versatile and satisfying tea-drinking experience, making it a popular choice among tea enthusiasts.

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