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Meemure Village Cycling Tour from Kandy

Meemure Village Cycling Tour from Kandy

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(SKU: LK7717498E) This tour will take you to the beautiful rural village of Meemure in the mountains. Enjoy the cycling over the the challenging terrain that leads to Meemure. Watch the beautifully plantations of tea pass by. Go on an en route hike to the Mini World's End, and see some amazing views. Bike in to the untouched village of Meemure, surrounded by nature. Get to know the lifestyle of these isolated and completely self sufficient people


  • Route Distance : 70 km (35km one way)
  • Terrain Type : Mixed Terrain, usually uphill.
  • Difficulty Level : Average to Hard.
  • Insurance Cover : Up to USD 2,000.
  • Visit to Meemure Village.
  • Hike to Mini World's End.


  • Wildlife entrance ticket (Entrance fee for Knuckles-Deanstone Wold’s end trekking).
  • Trekking guide.
  • Water and refreshments.
  • Bottled water during trekking (two water bottles - 500 ml)


You will be starting your tour at 7:00 am at Hunasgiriya town, 42 km away from Kandy. The bikes, helmets and water bottles will be ready for you when you arrive. You will be accompanied by a good cycling guide who will manage your tour route continuously to avoid any inconveniences.You will be biking through peaceful roads and trails surrounded by beautiful views of the landscapes. The crunching leaves under your bike, and the morning mist enshrouding the mountains around you will transport you to another world filled with zen.

You will see the women starting their work in the tea estates; finding their plots to pluck tea, or donning the sackcloth garb they use to avoid getting scratched by the stray branches of the tea trees.After pedaling for approximately 8km you will find yourself at the Deanston peak of the Knuckles Range, where the Mini World's End trail starts. From this point you will be hiking the 3km up to Mini World's End. Once you reach the top you will see some stupendous views of the surrounding countryside. Avoid leaving any plastic or other pollutants there though.Once you get back down to your bikes you will continue on your journey to Meemure. 

The village is a very traditional one where people have learnt to live self sufficiently. You will see bright green or golden paddy fields, vegetable gardens and much more. Meemure is just a few kilometers away from the Wildlife Office, and the village has lots of varieties of flora and fauna in the area. You will be spending some time at the village, chatting with the locals and learning their lifestyle.

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