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Mal Gurulu Raksha Mask

Mal Gurulu Raksha Mask

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(SKU: LS2040073B) The flower bird demon, Recognisable by the beak, the multicoloured swirls around the head and the single snake that encircles the mouth and rises above the forehead. Flowery eagle that brings fame and fortune. The Sri Lankan Flower Bird Devil (Mal Gurulu Raksha) gives power and fame. The island's devil-masks are said to be a throwback to primitive pre-buddhist beliefs.

Special Notes

  • The actual product may slightly vary from the images shown on the website due to the fact that each peace is hand-made and hand-painted.
  • Certain countries require that all wood based items are fumigated before arriving in the respective country. Please check import regulations in your country. If fumigation is required, buyer needs to pay the costs assoicated with fumigation.
  • Read more about (a) Masks in general (b) Raksha Masks (c) Sanni Masks (d) Kolam Masks
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  • Masks are made from acrylic paint on goda kaduru (strychnine tree) wood.
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