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Lifetone Nilavembu Tea (40g) 20 Tea Bags

Lifetone Nilavembu Tea (40g) 20 Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS4000220C) Known as the "king of bitters," Nilavembu is one such siddha herb with myriad immune-boosting properties. Known by the botanical name Andrographis paniculata, Nilavembu belongs to the Acanthaceae family. The annual herb, which reaches a height of 30-110 cm, is mainly cultivated in the autumn season and is widespread throughout Asia.

This powerful immune-boosting herb is known by several indigenous names such as Andrographis, Kirata, Kriate, Nilavembu, and Kiryaat in the Unani scripts.

Nilavembu tea (king of bitter substances - Andrographis paniculata tea): Nilavembu - king of bitter substances is an absolute strengthener of the immune system.

Winter Wellbeing Organic Andrographis Leaf (Nilavembu) Dried according to Ayurveda recommendations is an herbal tea made from herbs that help boost immunity and support overall body health. This herbal tea has been used in the Siddha system since ancient times and is considered to be the good herbal supplement for immune support.

Nilavembu plays an important role in purifying blood due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Ingredients: Dried Nilavembu

Directions: Leave the tea bags in boiled water for 2 - 3 minutes

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