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Lakro Smokeless Wood Stove

Lakro Smokeless Wood Stove

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(SKU: LSA00001FB) Lakro Smokeless Wood Stove (LBS – 01) is a cost-effective eco-friendly product that emits less carbon and smoke, can be used at home/camping or at night outs. Coconut shells/charcoal or firewood can be used.


- An Eco-Friendly Product

- Less Carbon And Less Smoke

- Can Be Used In Home/Camping Or At Night Outs

- Coconut Shells /Charcoal Or Firewood Can Be Used

- Fan Operates With 12v Battery /230v/1.3w

- Cost-Effective

Ignition Process

- Take a piece of coconut shell or a disposable piece of cloth, soak it in kerosene or coconut oil, put it on the stove, and light it.

- Then add a few pieces of coconut shells or a few small pieces of wood into the stove.

- Then turn ON the power supply.

- Once the stove is well lit, apply one piece of wood which is less than 6 inches or several pieces of wood sticks as needed.

- Once the applied wood list well, start cooking.

Cleaning & Maintenance

- If there is any ash or charcoal left on the stove after use, remove and clean it before using it again.

- If not used for a long time, apply oil or grease to the combustion chamber.

- After a few months, remove the fan, take ash from the chamber & clean it.

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