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Lakpura Udekkiya

Lakpura Udekkiya

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(SKU: LS2060CA62) The Udekkiya is a smaller version of the dekkiya used mainly in Kandyan rituals and folk dances like the udekki netuma. It is played with one hand, while the other hand will control the sound by exerting on the string and Sawarama with the other. Wood such as handun, jak, ehela, gansuriya and kohomba and metals like silver and brass are used to carve and make the drums.

Udekkiya's are decorated with lacquer work and the drum faces are covered with goat, monkey or monitor lizard hides. They are about about 11 inches long and the middle is thin and is known as giriya or gela (Sinhala – neck). The face called the valayama is not used to produce sound in this drum. The pahatharata udekkiya or the low country udekkiya looks a little different from the udekkiya and is used in traditional Ruhunu ritualistic dances.

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