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Lakpura Tumeric Whole (1kg)

Lakpura Tumeric Whole (1kg)

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(SKU: LS11104090) Pieces of whole dried turmeric root with a bright yellow/orange colour and with the ‘clean’ taste of turmeric. The flavour is slightly bitter and earthy, although cooking reduces this bitterness. Use it to spice and colour rice dishes, in curries of any description, with pan fried fish and much much more.

Apart from its culinary uses, turmeric is extremely beneficial to health in all sorts of ways (see the page ‘Spices associated with health’).

To use, grate using a microplane or something similar. This process may take a little bit of time but the result is worth the time and effort. To make this a little easier you may wish to soak the roots in water first before grating.

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