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Lakpura Sri Lankan Winnower (Kulla)

Lakpura Sri Lankan Winnower (Kulla)

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(SKU: LKZ0074740) This is also known as a winnower (Kulla, කුල්ල) in English, and is used for various purposes. Traditionally it was used as a paddy winnower to separate paddy from other dirt. The use of the Kulla has been replaced by many other household equipments. Nowadays the is mostly used as ornaments or as home and restaurant decorations. Our kulla is made by highly skilled Sri Lankan craftsmen using a variety of techniques. Dried cane vine which is used to make this winnower is known to be an Eco friendly, safe, and non-toxic material.

We at Lakpura find these gifted Craftsman and give them the true value for their effort. We open them a market space that they cannot otherwise access. These can be used for a very long time when kept dry. This can be considered a great investment when considering the safety aspect and the eco-friendly qualities that this product brings out.

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