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Lakpura Picasso’s Paintbrush Croton (50 Leaves)

Lakpura Picasso’s Paintbrush Croton (50 Leaves)

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(SKU: LSTLF01E22) Brightly coloured and pleasing to the eye, the Picasso’s Paintbrush stands true to its name. A narrow leafed croton hybrid, this croton variety is grown as a houseplant in places where it is not hardy. A slow-growing plant, the leaves of the croton resembles paintbrushes that have been dipped in a variety of paint. The colours and hues consist of green, yellow, orange, purple, red and copper.

Picasso’s Paintbrush grows well in well drained soil that is evenly moist and humid areas while it requires full sun to partial sun. The croton losses its colours when kept in areas with low light. A milky sap is exuded that may irritate the skin for some people. Picasso’s Paintbrush when young, is compact and dense while it becomes more leggy and rounded as it matures. Colours too can change as the plant ages.

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