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Lakpura Organic Mutton & Lamb Curry Powder

Lakpura Organic Mutton & Lamb Curry Powder

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(SKU: LS10007B2B) This is a special blend of spices which is designed to enhance the taste of raw and processed meat. The processing conditions are carefully controlled to preserve its unique taste. It is obtained by blending various spices such as turmeric, coriander, mustard, clove, bay leaf, and onion, which give the mixture colour and basic flavour.

This is a special curry powder mixture which gives lots of health benefits as similar to the regular curry powder. But the availability of special garcinia paste gives its characteristic properties as well as medicinal benefits than regular curry powder. Garcinia raises the brain neurotransmitters and thus leads to good functionality of the Central Nervous System.

100% Organic Certified by USDA Organic and Control Union

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