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Lakpura Organic Cumin Seeds

Lakpura Organic Cumin Seeds

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(SKU: LS10009346) Cumin is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, Cumin herb belongs to the parsley family grows in tropic and sub-tropical climates, in areas characterized by long, hot summer. Cumin is the second (right after the black pepper) most popular spice in the world today. Besides as an ingredient of various dishes, cumin is often used as cure in folk medicine.

Cumin seed have strong, warm, earthy aroma. They can be consumed whole or in the form of powder (ground cumin). Cumin is mostly used as flavoring agent for dishes made of meat and vegetables, and to improve taste of omelets, curries and soups. Cumin is one of the basic ingredients of curry and chili powders.

100% Organic Certified by USDA Organic and Control Union

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