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Lakpura Organic Cloves Powder

Lakpura Organic Cloves Powder

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(SKU: LS1000763E) Cloves are the flower buds formed in the evergreen tree. The tree grows to a height of 10~12m and starts flowering in about 7 years. It continues to produce flower buds for 80 or more years. It is a valuable spice of the orient. Clove clusters are plucked by hand when the buds are fully developed with a pronounced pink flush and then dried over several days in the sun. Unopened flower buds, leaves and stalks yields an essential oil.

Cloves are largely used as dried whole buds. Ground clove is used for curry mixtures and clove oil is used for flavoring foods and in the pharmaceutical and perfumery industry. In medicine, it is valued as a carminative, aromatic and stimulant. Clove oil is used for various skin disorders like acne, pimples, etc. and also for dental emergencies

100% Organic Certified by USDA Organic and Control Union

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