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Madathawaalu Rice (1kg)

Madathawaalu Rice (1kg)

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Madathavalu is a very popular variety of red rice traditionally grown in Sri Lanka. The plant grows to a maximum height of 130 cm. This crop can be harvested within 4 months after sowing. Madathaluwa plant costs 20 to 30 tillers and is considered to be the highest yielding traditional paddy variety in Sri Lanka. The available yield is about 110 bushels per acre and is currently cultivated in all parts of Sri Lanka. This variety works well as an organic crop. Traditionally it boosts the human immune system and is widely used in the treatment of diabetes. Scientific studies have shown that it has local medicinal properties in the treatment of diabetes and oxidative stress. Consumption with bran is important in obtaining such valuable nutritional and medicinal value. This rice is 100% organically grown. It is widely used in the preparation of baby food because it does not contain toxins.

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