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Lakpura "H1" Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

Lakpura "H1" Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

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(SKU: LS1010E082) Lakpura H-grade Ceylon cinnamon, or Hamburg grade Ceylon cinnamon, is golden brown in color. This grade of cinnamon derives from more matured cinnamon bushes which makes a reason for them to become less mild, delicate, and coarser when compared to other higher grades of Ceylon cinnamon.

H-grade is generally thick and comes from the finest part of the rough cinnamon bark. However, this is popular in the South American market and is not rare or high in prices as much as Alba or C-grade Ceylon cinnamon. But still, it is relatively expensive than other types of cinnamon, like Cassia.

Due to its less delicateness and spicy and robust flavor, it is best used with savory dishes than sweet treats or baked goods. Hamburg cinnamon grades go really well with the recipes that call for cinnamon pieces or sticks.

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