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Lakpura Moringa Dehydrated Seeds (250g)

Lakpura Moringa Dehydrated Seeds (250g)

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Lakpura Dehydrated Moringa Seeds (250g)

(SKU: LS4000CB7D)Moringa is derived from its botanical name called Moringa Oleifera. The other familiar names of the moringa trees are ben oil tree, miracle tree, drumstick tree, and horseradish tree. It is native to Asia, Arabia, Africa, and Sub-Himalayan regions. Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of moringa seeds.

Moringa seeds are removed from the pods of the moringa tree. Fresh and raw moringa seeds are tender, but the dried seeds are hard and look like small beans.

The moringa seeds have the mixed colors of grey and white with a unique wing-like shape. Moringa seeds can be eaten as boiled, steamed, or roasted.

Moringa tree is commonly known as the Drumstick tree in India. It is called by different names in different countries and parts of the world.

All the parts of the moringa tree have health benefits and commercial uses. So, it is entirely a beneficial tree to grow and healthy to eat.


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