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Lakpura Dehydrated Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea Nouchali) Flowers

Lakpura Dehydrated Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea Nouchali) Flowers

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(SKU: LS5000595C) Also known as the Blue Lotus Flower, the Egyptian Lotus or the Sacred Blue Lily, the Blue Water Lily is a plant that boasts of anti oxidants as well as other important nutrients. The flower has been used for over thousands of years as a traditional form of medicine. Our dehydrated Blue Water Lily is neatly and carefully packed to retain all its nutrients.

You can use these dehydrated flowers to brew a cup of tea or you can use it for steaming or as a fragrance. When incorporated in your daily lifestyle, it can help support your cognitive functions, may induce sleep, relieve your anxiety levels also reduce the signs of aging. It’s also used as a natural aphrodisiac and according to experts does wonders to your skin.

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