Lakpura Ceylon True Cinnamon Grade 3 Quillings

Lakpura Ceylon True Cinnamon Grade 3 Quillings

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(SKU: LS10004F41) Cinnamon quillings, also considered as chips, are actually offcuts or additional pieces of cinnamon gathered as a result of peeling and bailing the quills.

This form of cinnamon is best to be made into a powder or distilling bark oil. This grade rarely honors the export quality and is often sold inside the country itself. Since they are the sorted pieces or chips from the whole cinnamon quills, they are usually regarded as of lower quality and are not very high in price compared with other grades of Ceylon cinnamon.

However, it can be used in an assortment of sweet dishes and desserts when powdered. Meanwhile, they come with the versatility to be used in savory dishes as pieces and even flavors your broth or make a lovely infusion to your pot of tea or coffee.

There are three Quilling cinnamon grades namely, Quillings No 1, Quillings No 2 and Quillings No 3 which result from the bailing process. These three types of cinnamon have been segregated based on the size of their broken pieces where Quillings No. 1 contains the largest broken pieces followed by the other two grades in order.

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