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Lakpura Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Lakpura Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil

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(SKU: LS1040A21C) Cinnamon leaf oil comes from Cinnamonum verum (also called Laurus cinnamomum) from the Laurel (Lauraceae) plant family. Native to Sri Lanka it also grows in many countries such as India, China and Indonesia.

The oil is produced by steam distillation from the leaves which yield 1.6-1.8%. Well managed plantations allow for sustainable supplies from the region being made available throughout the year, with the exception of during the rainy season (Maha monsoon season October - January). After collection the leaves are left to dry before distillation, as fresh leaves take longer to process.

Cinnamon leaf oil has a musky and spicy scent and a light yellow colour that distinguishes it from the darker red-brown colour of cinnamon bark oil.

Leaf oil is used as a flavouring but also has variety of powerful therapeutic attributes which attracts many industries and applications to use the oil.

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