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Lakpura 'C4' Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

Lakpura 'C4' Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

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The Lakpura C-grade Ceylon cinnamon, or Continental Ceylon Cinnamon, is basically the next best quality after Alba. They are tan-yellow in color and have very high demand, and due to the smooth texture, distinctive and sweet flavor, which is highly comparable to Alba cinnamon.

The slenderness may have very slight variations, but they are very similar to Alba in diameter. Just like Alba cinnamon, C-grade Ceylon cinnamon is on top of the list when it comes to export level and is best to be used in sweet dishes, desserts, and as sprinkles in lattes or included in hot chocolate in its powdered form.

And, when talking in terms of the market, like Alba, C-grade cinnamon is also rare and comes with a high price tag. However, when descending to the sub-grades, the price could decrease respectively.

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