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Lakpura Banku Rabana (60cm)

Lakpura Banku Rabana (60cm)

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 The Banku or Bench Rabana is also known as the Maha (big) Rabana or Banku (bench) Rabana. It is the biggest of the Rabanas and is generally played at festive occasions by two or more people.

The Rabana has a special system of rhythms called Raban Pada. They are generally verses of four lines and the players would recite them while beating out the rhythm on the Banku Rabana. The Rabana is kept on three wooden trunks about 18 inches high and a fire is lit under it so it gets tuned to produce finer sounds. The face of the Banku Rabana varies in diametre from 24 to 48 inches. Apart from playing the Rabana by hand, some elders use ekels as well.

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