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Handmade Men's Batik Shirts

Handmade Men's Batik Shirts

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Handmade Men's Batik Shirt
(SKU: LS39104000)

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Batiks is always a trending product in Sri Lanka although it originated from Indonesia, it is equally fashionable in Sri Lanka. We are dealing in high quality fabrics and brands.

Batik, the generic terms which refers to the process of creating intricate designs through a “resist technique” covering certain areas of cloth with melted wax to prevent it from absorbing colors, to make light patterns on dark backgrounds.

Here are some details of our Batik Shirts,

  • Fabric Material: Poplin (100% Cotton)
  • Technique: Batik (Wax-Resist Dyeing)
  • Colors: Various Colors
  • Dye Type: Naphthol Dye
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