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Handmade Coconut Shell Cup

Handmade Coconut Shell Cup

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(SKU: LS21102000) Sri Lankan people use coconut shells for drinking purposes long ago. This cup is very beautiful, artistic, Eco friendly, and good for your health. Good for a gift for your elderly parents.

Sri Lankan artists use coconut shells for many kinds of handicrafts. They are very beautiful hard-working hand works of Sri Lankan artists.

These coconut shell craft are made by highly skilled Sri Lankan craftsmen using a variety of coconut shell cutting tools. Polished to get the perfect shine. Made just for you, the environment loving generation. We at Lakpura find these gifted Craftsman and give them the true value for their effort. We open them a market space that they cannot otherwise access.

Traditional Asians used to consume their hot beverages using this coconut shell proving that this is one of the safest known materials to drink hot liquids. This cup can be used for a very long time when kept dry. This can be considered a great investment when considering the safety aspect and the eco-friendly qualities that this product brings out.

These coconut shell art are a result of generations of practice. using their experience and coconut shell craft technique that produces a large verity of products like coconut shell flower vase, coconut shell ring, coconut shell toys, and coconut shell jewelry.

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