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Handmade Areca Leaf Food Plates 20cm x 20cm (Square Type)

Handmade Areca Leaf Food Plates 20cm x 20cm (Square Type)

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(SKU: LKZ0074473) Palm Leaf tableware is truly eco-friendly as it is made from fallen palm leaves. It is 100% compostable, BPA free and contains 0% chemicals. Our individual bowls looks are great for salads, soups, side dishes or desserts.

Our tableware is heat-resistant and much more stable than paper or plastic plates. It is even strong enough to cut a steak on your knees! The bowls hold any fluids without getting soaked through.Suitable for professional use, such as food trucks, restaurants or catering. Microwave safe and stackable. Use them for kids’ birthdays, potlucks, weddings, BBQs, picnics, camping trips, office parties, caterings

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