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Fadna Ginger and Coriander Flavored Tea (20g) 10 Tea Bags

Fadna Ginger and Coriander Flavored Tea (20g) 10 Tea Bags

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(SKU: LKZ0074252) Fadna Ginco tea is ideal for tea time and it refreshingly warms body and reveals from tiredness.Fadna Ginco tea is produced by using traditional “iguru kothtamalli” (ginger and coriander) with modern technology by maintaining its natural goodness.

The product has been a proven remedy to revive from weariness, fever and common cold.

Brew instructions

  • Put one or two tea bags in to a cup and pour about 150ml of hot water in to it.
  • Cover it with a lid and Keep it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Squeeze it with a spoon in order to release all the active ingredients in to water.
  • You will see wonderful results by consuming this for 2 times a day.
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