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Lakpura Lesiure

Explore Belilena Cave from Kitulgala

Explore Belilena Cave from Kitulgala

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(SKU: LK830044F3) This tour gives you the chance to see the famous Archeological Reserve, the Belilena Caves. Hike through the dense jungles around Kitulgala. Explore the secretive caves, where many fossils and skeletal remains aged over 10,000 years were found. View the archaeological excavation which is famed for the skeletal remains of the ‘Balangoda Man’. Get some awesome photographs to impress your friends.  Learn more about the progression and evolution of mankind through millennia.


  • Service of an English-Speaking Guide.
  • Water Bottle (Per Person).


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • Food or Drinks.
  • Gratuities (Optional).
  • Expenses of Personal Nature.


The word speleology, describes the exploration, surveying, mapping and photographing of caves, which is performed by the scientific community. These caves are home to a great variety of creatures that are nocturnal in their habits and most of the recently discovered species are from caves which have been around for at least 500 million years. These caves especially the Belilena Cave in Sri Lanka is abound with stalactites and stalagmites, formations of conical calcium deposits sometimes as tall as a small child. This captivating activity is relatively new to Sri Lanka and is rather an unusual experienced not to be missed. Sri Lanka is dotted all over with many caves from the Ritigala mountains in the north to the central hills and the southern hillocks of the South. The most famous being Batatotalena at sudugala, attributed to the “Balangoda man” a prehistoric man whose skeletal remains were uncovered inside this cave, Belilena in Kitulgala and aptly named “Wavulpone” because of the large community of bats living inside with some records indicating a figure as high as hundred thousand.

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