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Dilmah Ran Watte Loose Leaf Tea (125g)

Dilmah Ran Watte Loose Leaf Tea (125g)

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(SKU: LS90003D78) Ran Watte offers a delicate, mellow taste, subtle fragrance, in the style of fine Champagne; best for late evening or after dinner relaxation. A sliver of ginger or a slice of lemon, a touch of cinnamon would enhance your enjoyment. If you enjoy tea sweet add bees honey. Do not add milk.

Time of Day:  All Day
Caffeine Level:  Medium
Tea Strength:  Very Light
Serve With:  Best Taken Straight
Accompaniment and Pairings:  Light Sandwich, Light Cakes, Scones
Ingredients:  Pure Ceylon Black Tea, no additives, All Natural
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