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Dilmah Pure Peppermint Leaves (30g) 20 Tea Bags

Dilmah Pure Peppermint Leaves (30g) 20 Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS9000D5D8) Savoured as a refreshing beverage since Roman times, our pure Peppermint infusion is naturally caffeine free and ideally enjoyed after a meal, to cleanse the palate and aid digestion. The natural peppermint oil in the leaves imparts a menthol aroma and adds sparkle to the infusion of the leaf, making it a cooling and energizing experience. Try the infusion of peppermint leaves with a touch of honey as a mild and delicious accompaniment to your day. Also enjoyable taken chilled or as a sorbet.

Format: Individually Foil Wrapped, String & Tag Bags Ingredients: Peppermint Leaves

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