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Dilmah Premium Ceylon Loose Leaf Black Tea BOPF (200g)

Dilmah Premium Ceylon Loose Leaf Black Tea BOPF (200g)

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(SKU: LS912CC086) Dilmah Tea is a brand that is enjoyed in over ninety countries worldwide offering tea connoisseurs’ high quality Ceylon tea. The premium Ceylon Loose Leaf tea is a popular choice among many while it’s unblended and 100 % pure Ceylon black tea. The tea leaf grade is BOPF which means broken orange pekoe fannings which are smaller and finer than BOP tea leaves. This premium pack offers bold and robust flavours which make it ideal for anyone who prefers a strong cup of Ceylon black tea.

The caffeine content in this particular Dilmah Premium Loose Leaf Tea is medium while brewing takes about 5 minutes. Once you boil the water, you can add a teaspoon full of loose leaves to the cup or pot and let it brew for about five minutes. Once that process is done, you can strain it to your cup and enjoy a nice cup of black plain tea. You can add refined sugar and milk or enjoy it with a piece of Kithul Jaggery.

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