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Dilmah Mint Flavored Ceylon Black Tea (30g)

Dilmah Mint Flavored Ceylon Black Tea (30g)

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Welcoming you to a world of Ceylon Tea choices, Dilmah has been a market leader throughout the years. Experimenting with Ceylon Tea, Dilmah offers you yet another favorite – a mint flavored black tea that has an appealing aroma and a lingering minty finish once you are done. The blend of flavours consist of a chocolaty mint while it resonates a cool nature overall. The tea bags are individually wrapped while you can let it brew for about 2 minutes or slightly more. The tea grade is B.O.P.F. (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings while the caffeine level is considered to be of medium standard.

Ceylon Black Tea is known for its antioxidants and flavonoid compounds that help and act as remedies for various illnesses. Ceylon tea is known to be heart friendly, while it also helps maintain a healthy immune system to fight against harmful bacteria, helps in weight loss and keep your energy levels up.

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