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Dankotuwa Porcelain Steam Inhaler

Dankotuwa Porcelain Steam Inhaler

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(SKU: LS41726000) Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC recently introduced its customized steam inhaler (Simillar to Dr. Nelson’s steam inhaler), which it says is ideal for individuals affected by respiratory tract infections.

As a tried and tested methodology, steam inhalation is safe for human use and has no side effects of any sort. Steam inhalation is also used by Physiotherapists when conducting chest physiotherapy and by Nursing officers on a regular routine basis to clear lungs of secretions. Steam inhalation also works differently from a nebulizer, as it is free from the usage of drugs (if it is just naked hot water steam), merely using heat as the therapeutic agent.

Steam inhalation is a treatment method used for Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis, Runny Nose, ‘Sinus’ type headaches, Intractable cough and Facial steaming in cosmetic field.


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