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Lakpura Batik Saree (Design A)

Lakpura Batik Saree (Design A)

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(SKU: LS328044DA) Batik style of printing is an ancient and unique technique of dyeing that is renowned for the intricate patterns that it produces on different types of fabrics such as cotton and silk. The saree is dyed in various colours after applying wax in certain patterns and then the wax is removed to showcase unique designs.The Batik print sarees are a classy mixture of tradition and modernity.

The Batik sarees are available in many different variants and kinds, ranging from the most simple and elegant to the most extravagant pieces. Hence, they are ideal for all kinds of situations as well as occasions. They can be used as daily wear, or can also be worn in all kinds of formal or informal events, weddings, religious ceremonies etc.The tools used in Batik printing are wooden printing blocks, dyeing vats, large bowls, brushes and a frame for mounting the fabric. There are some other materials that are used such as paraffin wax, kerosene and dyes.

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