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Baby Cheramy Floral Baby Cream (Nil Manel & Milk)100ml

Baby Cheramy Floral Baby Cream (Nil Manel & Milk)100ml

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Introducing Baby Cheramy Floral Baby Cream, a gentle formula enriched with Nil Manel Extracts, Milk, and Vitamin E to nourish and protect your baby's delicate skin. The cream moisturizes, soothes, and leaves the skin soft and supple. Its floral fragrance keeps the baby feeling happy all day. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, it's safe for sensitive skin.

  • LLO Free
  • Paraben Free
  • pH Balanced
  • IFRA Certified Fragrances
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • No Ammonia and no urea
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